Damn, thats a nice view, it’s burning. Beautiful!

by davidbrommer

Sitting at the table overlooking Chelsea in NYC my fingers are dancing over the keyboard with a life of their own it would seem. I’m about to slug back my cup ‘o joe and ponder the words I’m about to throw into the web, in the hood of the blogosphere and wonder what I do believe every blogger who came before me thought, “is anyone going to read this? give a rats ass about the posts? what am I going to actually say?”. Perhaps I would be better off just shouting from the balcony. Considering its a cold spring morning and I’m in my underwear, it would be best to continue my current course and pour another mug of joe.

Lets get down to biz shall we? What do I have to say with this blog? Here is where I’m going to go with this. A commentary on photography. This blog will review gear, point out important photographers, host new photos, and be a sound board for what goes on in my head focusing on creation of photographic imagery. Two things have really been on my mind these days-months-years and I’m hoping that this electronic form of communication will let me unburden these thoughts and get feedback from those that just might give a crap.

All right-y Time to ROCK, do this… Lets get what’s in the head into digital distribution. Stay tuned… turn on… feeeeeedddddddd…..