David George Brommer is a New York City based photographer specialized in alternative culture. In the mid-90’s David was the creative mind behind Suspect Photography, a studio-gallery acclaimed for exhibiting maverick and emerging photographers. David’s fascination with dark subject matter and the use of religious and mythological elements in his compositions resulted in an aesthetically unique body of work. He is well versed in techniques ranging from pixels to platinum and enjoys using a wide range of camera gear to obtain the final image. During the past two decades, his extensive oeuvre has been widely shown across the country in several solo and collective exhibitions. In recent years, David has become a sought-after speaker on matters of contemporary photography as well as technical teaching. Among others, David has taught seminars at the International Center of Photography, The Maine Media Workshops, and nationwide industry conventions. Currently David is the director of the B&H Photo Event Space overseeing and developing the educational content for customers of B&H Photo.


Suspect Photography Tumblr

Ten Hours Walking Viral Youtube Video


Instructional Videos on Youtube:

Better Photographic Composition – Beyond the Rule of Thirds

Finding Photographic Style

Real Exposures, a photographer & filmmaker interview series from the B&H Event Space

Published Books:

Contributing author to: Composition: From Snapshots to Great Shots

Seattle Suspects is a photographic journey into the dark flip side the of 90’s Seattle grunge era. Goths, Artists, and Drag Queens are captured by David George Brommer’s high contrast black and white photographic style in his infamous studio, Suspect Photography. Gain a unique insight to these eccentric characters in Brommer’s first book, Seattle Suspects featuring 36 plates along with quotes from the “suspects’ themselves.